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A Guide to IVC Filter Lawsuits For those who don’t know what IVC filter is, it’s a medical device frequently placed in the person’s body to be able to prevent pulmonary embolus. When doctors are monitoring a person’s veins for any signs of blood clotting, they are using these devices. Blood clots pose the possible threat of breaking free and lodging in the person’s lungs, which is quite fatal. The filter is placed to the large blood vessel found in the abdomen that’s bringing blood to the lungs or otherwise known as inferior vena cava. Its main purpose is catching the clots that break free from reaching the lungs. The IVC filter is being positioned inside the person’s system through a procedure via needle inserted to the person’s groin or neck. Despite the fact that it’s generally seen as a low risk procedure, issues similar to infection and bleeding could take place. The clinically proven and the recognized purpose for such product is preventing blood clots to deep veins. This is a condition that is also known as DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis from breaking free in the person that can’t use common blood clot treatments similar to anti-clotting agents and blood thinners. Generally speaking, DVT is taking place in veins that are located in the pelvis or legs of a person.
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There were studies done recently, which showed significant amount of defective IVC filters. With regards to these defective devices, the pieces of metal are detaching from it causing them to travel to different systems in the body and striking the vital organs.
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Sudden pain in the chest area near where it’s placed is the cause of defective IVC filter. Any individual who experience such signs need to contact their physician or any authorized medical personnel immediately. And by doing so, these will allow professionals to know what is really causing the problem via CT scan. IVC filters that are defective can lead to additional surgery, undue pain and even permanent damage to internal organs. Surgery isn’t often a viable option because of the stress placed onto the internal organ in such procedure even though the surgery can fix the problems. If you have been injured because of using defective IVC filter, then it will be very important that you contact experienced and skilled attorney that is practicing in cases of medical malpractices at the quickest possible time. Ideally, you have to seek someone who has the specific skillsets and experience in these kinds of lawsuits. This is a new area of law whether you believe it or not, so doing further research will be necessary to find the one you need.